Brazil – Cancellation of Low-Impact Inmetro Regulatory Measures for Society

​The Inmetro published the Decree 508/2019 on December 16th 2019 in the Official Gazette to cancel several conformity assessment programs (compulsory and voluntary). Due to low volume or technology updates, some regulations are currently not used and avoid spending public resources in programs not used. List of cancelled regulations: Inmetro Decree 168/2015: Wind generators Inmetro Decree 396/2007: Fire extinguishers manufacturers inspectors qualification program Inmetro Decree 183/2006: Human resources in tourism Inmetro Decree 214/2007: Guides for adventure tourism Inmetro Decree 017/2008: Environmental management system auditor courses Inmetro Decree 442/2007: Quality management system auditor courses Inmetro Decree 098/2009: Social and professional qualification courses Inmetro Decree 443/2008: Plywood panel for structural and non-structural use Inmetro Decree 270/2013: Pirarucu salted dried fish Inmetro Decree 010/2011: Construction and urban development professionals Inmetro Decree 004/2012: Concrete technology control professionals Inmetro Decree 177/2006: Tourism professionals Inmetro Decree 536/2015: Ink used in ATM theft protection Inmetro Decree 438/2012: Guide dog training centers Inmetro Decree 439/2012: Guide dog trainers Inmetro Decree 145/2019: Adventure tourism safety management system Inmetro Decree 296/2008: Decorative lamps – Incandescent type Inmetro Decree 283/2008: Household lamps – Incandescent type