Brazil – Draft Resolution for the Technical Regulation that Establishes the Positive Additive List Intended to Elaboration of Plastic Materials and Polymeric Coatings in Contact with Food Among Other Measures

​The Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (ANVISA) announce the new legislation that introduces a positive additive list intended to elaboration of plastic materials and polymeric coatings in contact with food among other measures, was adopted as Resolution – RDC number 326, December 3, 2019. It changes: – item 7b of Annex from Resolution- RES Num. 105, of May 19, 1999; – table of item 3.2 of Annex from Resolution- RDC Num. 52, of November 26, 2010; – item 4 of Annex from Resolution- RDC Num. 56, of November 16, 2012. It revokes Resolution- RDC Num. 17, of March 17, 2008, regarding the technical regulation about the positive additive list for plastic materials dedicated to elaboration of packaging and equipment in contact with food. The final text is available only in Portuguese and can be downloaded at: