EU – Granting a Union Authorization For the Biocidal Product Family ‘BPF_Iodine_VET’

​A Union authorization with the authorization number EU-0020540-0000 is granted to Applied Biocide GmbH for the making available on the market and use of the biocidal product family ‘BPF_Iodine_VET’, in accordance with the summary of the biocidal product characteristics set out below: BPF_Iodine_VET Product type 3 – Veterinary hygiene (Disinfectants) Authorization number: EU-0020540-0000 R4BP asset number: EU-0020540-0000​ More information can be found in the Annex of the Regulation. The Union authorization is valid from November 25, 2019 until October 31, 2029.