EU – Report on the Study to Assess Two Exemption Requests in Annexes III and IV to Directive 2011/65/EU

​A stakeholder consultation regarding the study to assess two RoHS exemption requests in Annex III and IV finished last year. It covered: 1) one request for the renewal of an existing exemption, Annex IV, Ex.42 ” Mercury in electric rotating connectors used in intravascular ultrasound imaging systems capable of high operating frequency (>50 MHz) modes of operation.” and 2) one request for new exemptions from the RoHS Directive, “Lead and hexavalent chromium compounds in electric and electronic iniciators of explosives for civil (professional) use.”​ Öko-Institut e.V.​ has announced that the report has now been published and can be downloaded. The report has been also republished on the EU CIRCABC website (Browse categories > European Commission > Environment > RoHS Evaluations, at top left, click on “Library” > Reports).