Finland – Food Act 297/2021

​Recently, Finland Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry published Food Act 297/2021. The purpose of this Act is: (1) to protect the health and economic interests of consumers by ensuring the safety of food and food contact materials, the good health and other quality of food in accordance with food law, and the adequacy and accuracy of information provided on food and food contact materials; 2) with regard to the scope of application of the law, promote the operating conditions of actors in the food and contact materials sector. This Act applies to food, food-producing animals, food contact materials, food and contact material activities, food and contact material operators, and food control at all stages of the production, processing and distribution of food and food contact materials. This law does not apply to: 1) primary production of private households for own use; 2) for the manufacture, processing or storage of food intended for own use in a private household; 3) alcoholic beverages or alcoholic preparations to the extent that they are provided for in other legislation. This Act repeals Finnish Food Act 23/2006 and already entered into force on April 21, 2021.