Mexico – CCONNSE PROY-NOM-086-1-SCFI-2018 – Draft Mexican Official Standard Rubber Industry – New Radial Tires for Vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight Exceeding 4,536 kg and Diagonal Tires of Any Load Capacity

On September 2, 2019, the National Advisory Committee on Standardization of the Ministry of the Economy – or CCONNSE – has published a draft of the PROY-NOM- 086-1-SCFI-2018 (project-law) on new radial tires for vehicles with a gross vehicle weight exceeding 4,536 kg and diagonal tires of any load capacity, which includes safety requirements, test methods and commercial information. It cancels Mexican Official Standard NOM-086-1-SCFI-2011. The notified draft Mexican Official Standard establishes the safety requirements and test methods for domestic and imported new radial tires that are used for vehicles with: – a gross vehicle weight exceeding 4,536 kg (10,000 lb), – diagonal tires of any load capacity, – and temporary radial and diagonal tires used for cars, light trucks, vans, heavy lorries, tractor trucks, buses and trailers, which are marketed as final goods and not as part of a motor vehicle in the United Mexican States. Final date for comments: October 27, 2019