Mexico – Draft PROY-NOM-064-SE-2020, Electrical Products-Luminaires for Indoor and Outdoor Use-Safety Specifications and Test Methods

Draft PROY-NOM-064-SE-2020 establishes the safety requirements and test methods applicable to indoor and outdoor luminaires. This is applicable to luminaires that are supplied with electrical energy for interior and exterior areas, as well as for signaling and emergencies that are manufactured, imported or sold in the territory of Mexico. This is defined based on the properties of use and handling of the luminaires, so it will be applied regardless of the descriptive or design characteristics of the light source. This standard is not applicable for luminaires to be installed on board ships, planes and vehicles in general; luminaires for special applications, such as identification headlamps and lights (luminaires) used in the airfield or heliports as signaling and visual aids, obstruction lights, photography lights, seasonal decorative items, and lights built into household appliances, tools and electronics; and luminaires for classified or dangerous, submersible and therapeutic areas.