Mexico – Draft Standard PROY-NOM-004-SE-2020 on Labeling of Textile Products, Clothing, Accessories and Home Clothes

​This Official Mexican Standard establishes the commercial information on textile products, clothing, accessories and home clothes. This is applicable to textile products, clothing, accessories and home clothes before entering the country, made with textile materials even when they contain plastics or other materials and that are marketed within the territory of the United Mexican States. Labeling of textiles, clothing, and home clothes comprises of five important items: 1.The information of the person responsible for the product 2. Country of origin 3. The fiber composition (description of inputs) 4.The care instructions (conservation and cleaning) 5.The sizes of the garments and dimensions or measurements in the home clothes and textiles. This Official Mexican Standard is applicable to manufacturers and importers of the products covered by this standard. It is applicable to textile products, clothing, accessories and home clothes, whose textile composition is equal to or greater than 50% in relation to mass. It does not apply to electrical covers, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, swabs, wet wipes, toys made with textile materials, costumes, furniture, textile watch extensions, shields, flags, closures and / or zippers, buttons. and buckles lined with textile material, cloths, gloves to remove pans from the oven, makeup kits, disposable cleaning fibers and those intended to be used as packaging or packaging