Oman – Ministerial Decree Obligating the Omani Standard “Energy Efficiency, Functionality and Labelling Requirements for Self-ballasted Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lamps”

​This Ministerial Decree obligating the Omani standards “Energy efficiency, functionality and labelling requirements for self-ballasted Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps.” This standard specifies the energy efficiency, functionality, and product information requirements for self-ballasted LED lamps for general lighting services that works on single-phase alternating current supply up to and including 240V, 50Hz, being manufactured, imported or sold in Oman. The standard covers the following types of self-ballasted LED lamps: a. Both the directional and non-directional lamps. b. Lamps having a luminous flux above 60 lumens and below 12,000 lumens. This standard does not cover the following types of LED lamps: a. Lamps which are used in special purpose applications (Special purpose lamps are explained in ‘Annex-B: Special purpose lamps’). b. Lamps not intended for general lighting purposes.