Oman – Ministerial Decree Obligating the Omani Standards (Houshold Applianes)

​Ministerial decree obligating the Omani standards: – Final draft OS “Water heaters- energy performance requirements” EN 50440 – “Efficiency of domestic electrical storage water heaters and testing method” – Final draft OS “Electrical clothes washing machines energy and water performance requirements” EN 60456:2016 – Clothes washing machines for household use – Methods for measuring the performance OS GSO 1899 – GCC standard voltages and frequencies for alternating current distribution. – Final draft OS “Refrigerators, refrigerator- freezers and freezers – Energy performance, testing and labeling requirements” IEC 62552 -1:2015 IEC 62552 -2:2015 IEC 62552 -3:2015 EU Directive 2019/2016 The standards specifies the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS), energy efficiency labelling and testing requirements