USA – Maine Enacts Reporting Requirements for PFOS in Certain Products

​The state of Maine has issue a new reporting rule under their safer chemicals in children’s product law. The rule requires reporting when the following children’s products contain intentionally added PFOS or its salts, or more than 100 ppm PFOS or its salts as a contaminant: child care articles, clothing, footwear, sleepwear, toys, cosmetics and personal care products, electronic devices, and craft supplies. The rule also requires reporting of household furniture and furnishing and cookware, tableware, sports bottles and thermoses that contain PFOS and its salts intentionally, or more than 100 ppm PFOS and its salts as a contaminant. Companies must provide reports to the state of Maine by January 24, 2021. New products that are covered by this reporting requirement and not offered for sale until the initial reporting deadline, must be reported to the State within 30 days of being offered for sale.